Welcome to Raise Your Civilization official page.

Raise Your Civilization is an innovating city-builder type of game. Unlike other city-builder You won’t be focused on a single city. In this game, in order to survive, You will have to seek for a new places to expand. All of that will happen without angle and grid limitations on near endless landscapes. Every map will be different and unique. You will have option to generate map of your dreams. Start with small settlement then build and connect cities to finally create amazing and thriving civilization.


Raise Your Civilization is going to offer unique game-play, where you will be challenged with planning, constructing and managing the whole civilization. Single settlement located on a vast map will be a starting point of each game. Resource location and travel distance is going to limit growth possibilities of a single city. Therefore you will have to specialize cities. One can deliver stones, marble other will perform better with food production.

What is more, game is going to take you through multiple eras of human civilization advancements. Stone era will be a starting point. Primitive tools and no transport technology will be slowing you down to fulfill basic needs of your people. When your settlement will get bigger and start constructing better and more specialized tools, new technologies are going to allow you to build advanced houses, bring agriculture and provide better quality of life.

You can unleash your creativity in Raise Your Civilization as world will be vast. All maps are going to be procedurally generated. Player will have few terrain types to select from. In this game you are not limited by map boundaries, it gives you a feel of planet. Going all the way west or north you can get to the same point where you have started. Sea transport can be the easiest way to get from one coast to another. All this immense world awaits to give you unlimited possibility for raising your very own civilization.


Map Types
  • Islands
  • Continent
  • Planet
Civilization Eras
  • Stone
  • Bronze
  • Medieval
  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Humans
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Resources
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Thunder
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
Road Types
  • Dirt
  • Stone
  • Pavement
  • Tarmac